Tuesday, July 19, 2011

National Daiquiri Day

Jennings Stockton Cox
     It is only fitting that "National Daiquiri Day" be just 2 days before Earnest Hemingway's birthday, even though he didn't invent the daiquiri, he is credited with the widespread popularity of the cocktail.     Jennings Stockton Cox, a mining engineer working for The Spanish American Iron Company, a small iron mining town of Santiago, Cuba.     There are stories that still exist that Cox invented the Daiquiri when he ran out of gin  while entertaining American guests.

El Florida Bar where
Hemingway drank his daiquiris
     This very simple drink consisted of 3 parts rum, 1 part lime juice, and 1/2 part sugar.      All the ingredients were placed in a tall glass with ice shaken and served.     This cocktail evolved to be made in a shaker and strained into a cocktail glass later on, but basic still the same recipe.     This wonderful drink was later introduced to the "Army-Navy Club in Washington D.C. in 1909 and the popularity of the cocktail grew during the next few decades.    The drink became even more popular with the outbreak of World War II and the rationing of whiskey, vodka, and gin, linked to the easy of getting rum in large quantities.       Constantino Ribalagua the famed bartender at El Florida blended the drink with shaved ice creating the "Frozen Daiquiri" for his friend Earnest Hemingway for whom he named the cocktail "Papa Dobles", who was know to be able to wade through a dozen or so of these in a sitting.

     The cocktail has survived very well through the years, although today most people thing of a "slurpy machine" concoction with strawberry syrup and a little rum as a "daiquiri", but in many quality bars throughout the U.S. you can still get a fine daiquiri.   ( see my blog of June 16, 2011 for recipes and the complete history)       Make a point to get out and have a daiquiri today at your favorite cocktail lounge and raise a toast to "The Daiquiri" you will enjoy it.     ;o)