Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday Morning

     Things have really slowed down finally here in the Keys.     The season that didn't want to end looks like it is finally going to relent and things are slowing down.     Today is the end of the Hemingway Days events with the finals of the look a like contest at Sloppy Joe's, and the Running of the Bulls.     Next week is Lobster Mini Season, an event that the locals just run for cover and stay out of and off the water while the crazies terrorize the bugs and the rest of us trying to enjoy the water.     This event doesn't usually cause much to happen on Duval Street, but rather on the water.

     This is the time of year after the mini season when most of the locals take their vacations and the rest of us just get to out out on the water and enjoy the "loneliness" of few people around.     I love to take the dinghy and explore the places that are usually crowded with people during season now that the crows are gone.        It is a time when the stress of the season is behind you and you get to get out and really just float through time as you let the currents carry you along.      I guess that I'm telling you to just kick back and really spend some time unwinding and slowing to the speed of the currents and enjoy yourself.     You might want to have a glass of fine rum to enjoy this time with.     ;o)