Bahama Bob's Rumstyles

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Vizcaya Cask 12 new at the Rum Bar

     We have just added a really enjoyable new rum at the Rum Bar, Vizcaya Cask 12, an intimate sipping rum from the Makers of Vizcaya Cask21 VXOP.     This new addition to the Vizcaya family is of the same rich, high quality , but a bit lighter than the Vizcaya Cask 21VXOP.     Made as like an Agricole from sugar cane instead of molasses and aged for 6 years in high quality oak barrels, the very meticulously blended rum boasts a very complex and rich aroma with a more subtle palate than the Cask 21.     Still presenting very nice notes of cocoa, vanilla and maple, this new addition to the Vizcaya family has great potential as a sipping or a mixing rum.    

     This rum mixes well in many of the traditional rum classics and from some or my quick tries with other items looks like a candidate for a day or 2 in the rum lab for further development.    It is my humble opinion that this rum is going to be a  regular on the boat and at the Rum Bar for some time to come.    Drop by and taste it at your leisure and maybe bring a fine cigar and lounge on the porch with snifter of Vizcaya Cask 12 and a fine cigar.     ;o)