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Monday, August 29, 2011

Artisan Rums from America

     There has been a surge of growth here in America of some very high quality artisan rums in the recent years.    These "mom & pop" operations are much like the old days of moonshining during the 30's, 40's, and 50's, running legal stills instead of ones hidden deep in the hills.     Today's artisan distillers do what larger mass production distillers can not do, make the "small batch" high quality spirits.     Several of these distilleries have been on my radar for some time and I enjoy each of their products.  

     One of the first that I have dealt with is Phil Prichard (Prichard's Distillery) in Kelso, Tennessee.     Phil produces a fine bourbon, and more recently has gotten into the rum business.     His "Fine Rum", flavored rums, and "Private Stock Rums" are all quality rums that deserve the chance to be enjoyed.    These are purely American made and made with American molasses and aged in American Oak barrels yielding an American high quality rum.

     The Berkshire Mountain Distillers in Great Barrington, Massachusetts is the first legal distillery since prohibition in Massachusetts.     Chris Weld, founder and CEO, a biochemist with the dream of being a distiller, built this distillery in a barn in Western Massachusetts to fulfill his dream.     My interest lies in the Ragged Mountain Rum, even though he has produced award winning gin and vodka as well in the past.     His well rounded amber rum is quite complex and falls into the artisan style rum very well.   This is another of those neat, hard to get rums that are so worth the effort to obtain.

     Most recently I visited the Drum Circle Distillery in Sarasota, Florida the dream of Troy Roberts and Tom Clark.     There little 6400 square foot facility in the heart of Sarasota has a state of the art custom designed Christian Carl copper pot still that produces their award winning fine rums.    Even right off of the still these rums have character and taste that few other rums can match from the large production world of rum.     They have a white, gold , and now the just introduced a spiced rum that has a ginger bread flavor that just lingers on the palate.      Another really enjoyable fine group of rums that can only be gotten through perseverance and determination, that is rewarded when you have accomplished your goal.

     This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to these small artisan distilleries that are spread all over America.    The searching out of the rums from these producers will bring you lots of pleasure and enjoyment.   Their ability to produce unique rums is only available in the small batch artisan world of rum.     ;o)