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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Centenario About to Announce New 25 Year Gran Reserva

     Ron Centenario's new Gran Reserva 25 Year Systema Solera is one of the best rums I have tasted in some time.    This new rum is an excellent new addition to the already fine line of rums from Ron Centenario.

    This is a product of the unique biodiverse country of Costa Rica.     Made from the molasses of local sugar cane that was hand cut from the volcanic soil and a tropical climate that makes for some of the best sugar cane anywhere.

     This dark amber rum has a rich and sweet aroma that leads you to a great long lasting sweet carmel and fruit taste on the palate and a semi dry finish that seems to go on for a long long time.      I tried hard to talk George out of the bottle, but I had little success, but it will be available in late March or early April.     There is also rumor of a 30 year old on the horizon.

     Keep your eyes open for this one, it is going to be one you don't want to miss.     ;o)

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  1. Do you know what price tag will this have and is it going to be available in US?