Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Monday Around Fish Hawk Key

     Monday is a great day for me, weather permitting it usually means get up in the morning, getting the work in the office completed and head out on the water in search of new and fun things.     Yesterday was no exception,  we visited Fish Hawk Key just to the North and East of Key West and found a pair of Ospreys and their aerie with the female sitting on eggs.     Her mate is a beautiful specimen that soared near us trying to keep our attention away from her.    This is nature at her very best, the female with fish in beak and the male circling above the aerie.

     What made this so special was we were able to observe these magnificent birds from the dinghy with the motor off and just drifting next to the mangrove key that they had the aerie nestled  in.     We only spent a half an hour or so watching the pair, but their actions yielded hundreds of spectacular photos of the two.    It is so rewarding to be able to take home such a great bunch of photos of such unusual and regal creatures.   

     Just a couple of sips from the flask of good Plantation Guyana Rum as we drifted by the pair. This just made the relaxation and enjoyment of the afternoon more complete.    It is, in a way like being lost at sea without a care in the world, drifting in and out of the mangroves silently, photographing the birds and the scenery without leaving even a footprint in the sands.     Making it even better the fact that there was no one else around to bother us or to scare the birds as they went about their business of fishing and keeping the eggs warm in the aerie.

     Here are a few other pictures of the Ospreys and a Kingfisher that kept us company during the drifting through the area.     ;o)  

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