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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

St. John, USVI: It's Tough Living

     When you speak of the U.S. Virgin Islands, St. John always comes up in a conversation.    St. John is more of a residential island  than St. Thomas, the commercial island  or St. Croix the industrial.   The Virgin Islands National park consumes some 7,000 acres of the island of St. John, giving us some of the most breathtaking and beautiful mountains, valleys and beaches anywhere.    The park also offers history of the many free and enslaved complex civilizations that depended on the land and the sea for survival as far back as 1,000 years ago.   There are many of the most spectacular meeting of the land with the sea with in the park as well.

     The modern civilization live in some very spectacular homes perched on the hills.    These modern day castles boast the ingenuity and skill of the craftsmen that constructed this wonders.   The land appears very arrid, with all of the cacti and other desert like plants that are naturally growing on these hills.   I really don't know who lives in these homes, but there are said to be several well known celebrities that own homes today on St. John.

     I love to travel by boat around St. John and the other islands that make up both the U.S. and the British Virgin Islands.  I love seeing the magnificent joining of the land and the sea plus these "modest" homes that are so interesting as they look down to the sea from the precipice above.

     This is a magic island and one that I never tire of traveling around and seeing the many sights that it has to offer my eyes and camera.   Whether you travel over the land or on the sea you will find more spectacular vistas than you will ever believe possible.    This is a place that keeps drawing me back whether it be in a blog or in person, but either way I keep going back again and again.  ;o)


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  2. I'm so green with envy right now I could pass as an older and much less muscle bound version of the Hulk.

    Got to visit Trunk Bay back in 2001 and left part of my soul there.

  3. Thanks Bob...I'm never leaving brother....cheers!