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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Diplomatico Single Vintage 1997

     The visit to the DUSA Distillery today was very much over shadowed by the introduction of the very limited production (2000 Bottles) new rum for distribution only in Venezuela and Venezuela Duty Free shops.      Diplomatico is premiering Diplomatico Single Vintage 1997 on 28 November, 2012.  

     This is a rum that will have a price point between the Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva and the Diplomatico Ambassador.   This is an extremely fine premium rum that is aged in oak and finished in Sherry casks.  It is a single vintage from 1997 rums that Tito Cordero has blended perfectly to be produce this very special rum.    The real unfortunate part is that it will only be sold in Venezuela.     The aroma is fresh with notes of wood and sweet fruitiness that yields some notes of the sherry.   The flavor of is viscous rum is warm and long lasting and a dryness in the finish that is so satisfying.

     These past three days with Diplomatico's people including Humberto Arispe Zubillaga, General Manager; Tito Cordero, Master Blender; Alfonso Castillo Gonzalez, Marketing; and the rest of the wonderful people at DUSA who have made our stay in Venezuela so very special.  Today's unveiling of the Diplomatico Single Vintage 1997 for us was the climax of the three days we spent as Diplomatico's guests.   If you should for any reason be in Venezuela, stop by the Duty Free Shop in Caracas Airport and pick up a bottle of this superb rum and if you think of it pick one up for me.  I do reimburse.  ;o)


  1. aaaaaahhh!! why only in venezuelaaa!!!!???? EXPORT!!! EXPORT!!!! EXPOOOOORT!!!!! I WANT TO TASTE IT!!!!!!

  2. have a bottle of Diplomatic Single Vintage 1997, I sell it for 10,000 $

  3. buenas noches... soy de Venezuela, vivo a 4 kilometros de Dusa Caserio Torrellero Agricola... y tengo una botella de Diplomatico Single Vintage 1.997 y una de Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva autografiada por el Maestro Mezclador Tito Cordero en 700$ este es mi correo y mi numero de contacto es +5804145516050.