Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday Morning of a New Week

     This almost seems anti-climatic after the past few weeks.    My friends from Barbados and London have all gone home, Mike from rumconnection .com, is on his way to Jamaica, and "poor me", still here in Key West.    I really don't feel sorry for me either.     The weather is clear and mostly sunny and temps in the low seventy's today.     The winds are down so I guess it is another good day to go out on the water with a flask of rum and my camera to see what I can find.   These explorations are always fun and mind clearing, especially with a nice rum.    Smith & Cross might be the perfect one for today, naval rum with the big bold taste, perfect.

Let me check the list, rum, boat, munchies, camera, sun block, and ice.     That should take care of everything I need for the day.    Check back in tomorrow with you to let you know how the day worked out.    ;o)