Bahama Bob's Rumstyles

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wind Blowing, Cloudy, but a Great Day Out Yesterday.

     It started to look like all was coming apart at the seams for our birthday party at Woman's Key yesterday morning.     The birthday girl was feeling a little ill, the weather was cloudy and windy, but a patch of blue sky appeared, and we all got together and headed out to sea fully planning on a great day of fun and frolic.     Going out the winds started to ease a bit as we got into the Lakes Passage to the West of Key West.    The sun was making in and out appearances and the moods of all of us were getting better by the minute.   The application of a little bit of Captain Morgan and Cruzan Raspberry Rums didn't hurt the traveler's moods.  I guess that is why the British Navy kept rum for the sailors for so long. 

     We arrived at Woman's Key to find the wind had shifted more to the East, leaving the beach exposed to the wind, so undaunted, we got underway a gain and headed for Boca Grand, another Key a little further to the West and the beach wraps around more to the west and Was better protected from the wind.    Upon arrival, we toot the beach by storm and the party was underway.   Food and fun, checking out all the trick and unique stuff that had been washed up on the beach as well as food and mor fine cocktails. 

    With all of us in full party mode, we headed up and down the beach and found many unusual things, shells feathers, bits of coral, and even a couple of sand dollars.    With the wind in check around the corner, it became very comfortable and much fore fun for all of us as we frolicked on the beach. 

I guess that it was a great success and as always when out on the water with a nice bottle of rum  and some good friends that the party goes on and on till all are weary or we have to get underway in order to have the rental boat back in harbor by 5pm.    Oh well it ended up being a fine day with a lot of fun had by all.   ;o)

Happy Birthday Lauren!!!!!!   ;o)