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Monday, March 5, 2012

The Spring Breakers Have Arrived

     The streets of Key West are alive with the first crop of 2012 spring breakers.     Scooter horns are blowing and the breakers are fully alive with pent up energy to  use up.     They were welcomed by a huge rain storm yesterday morning, but undaunted, the were out and about hitting all of the fun venues of Key West.    The beaches were the only area that wasn't a buzz with the festive college escapees.

     I was one of the lucky ones to have a great group of guys and gals from Virginia Tech yesterday to keep me company on a rain afternoon.    I find Spring Break to be a fun time that takes me back to my youth.     If only I could  have the boundless energy that they have, life would be a blast.     I feel that the group this year is really going to have a good time here in Key West, the "2nd trashiest spring break destination".     The weather is going to be nice for the rest of the week, and perfect for beach time and parties.

     I get to rejoin the party on Wednesday, after a couple of days off.    ;o)