Bahama Bob's Rumstyles

Monday, March 12, 2012

Getting Close Enough to Smell the Flowers

     Some days are just a blurr, even here in Key West.   This past week really seemed like that to me, with all of the spring break activity and meeting so many new people all week long, I just kind of zoned out yesterday.   Today is the day that I am going to hit the brakes and take some time to smell the flowers and check out all the cool stuff that is around me.     Today is happening at a snail's pace, because I want it to be that way. 

     I guess that you have to park the car and walk about if you want to see anything.     I was headed to the office this morning and as I was walking along the walkway I noticed these flowers that have just began to bloom.     I took a bit of time and noticed that spring is in the air and it wasn't just a time change that took place yesterday morning.    

     I think that it might be my day to grab the camera and head out on the water to see what spring has got to show me.     It is time for me to visit the small mangrove keys that are located around Key West.     These days of a flask of nice rum and drifting with the currents is the most relaxing place for me.     I guess that it is the best part of living down here in my own little paradise.    I get to spend the time being like a leaf on a stream and just float along and take pictures of what I pass by on my journey.    A sip of rum and a nice breeze with some of the most beautiful scenery anywhere, what a treat.     It really doesn't get much better than this.     Thanks for a couple of days to chill.    ;o)