Bahama Bob's Rumstyles

Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Break is Still Going Strong

     This week the spring breakers are still here in full force.   They are out on the beach and having "tons of fun" there during the day and hitting the bars in the afternoon and night time.    These kids never run out of energy, and their metabolism just seems to eat up the alcohol and spit it out, as they never seem to be more that buzzed as they roam up and down Duval Street. 

     Each week we get a really fine group of college students here at the Rum Bar and they are all having a great time releasing the stress and tension of the academic world.      This is one of the great things that I remember about my college days back in the "stone ages", but it wasn't quite as cool as it is today, because I spent the evenings still working back behind the "redwood curtain" in Northern California.  

     Root Juice for all, this is the theme of this week's group, that doesn't change much from week to week as the returnee's come back remembering "Bahama Bob's Root Juice" and still wanting more.    It really surprises me to watch them wince as the swallow this "earthy concoction of rum, herbs, and roots", then come right back a half hour later wanting another one.

     I guess it is all a matter of youth and fun.    Plus it is an inexpensive way to get a buzz going.    Oh to have the energy of the youth again and be able to have all the fun they do, not caring about tomorrow, but just living for the moment and the fun.     I think that is one of the reasons I stay here in Key West is the way it keeps my youth in tact.    Added to how much I enjoy being around all of that energy.   It makes me feel young too.   ;o)