Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cruising the Caribbean for Rum

     For the past several winters I have been traveling around the Caribbean looking at different rums and distilleries.   These trips have introduced me to some of the finest rums in the world.    This has given me a chance to taste and evaluate some of the finest premium rums anywhere.     Last winter I was in Barbados where I enjoyed the rum shops and visited Foursquare Distillery and St. Nicolas Abbey to taste and enjoy Doorly's XO and St. Nicolas Abbey's Barbados Rum.

     In St. Lucia I found Chairman's Reserve The Forgotten Casks, it became my favorite from the St. Lucia Rum Distillery.    This is one of the more interesting rums, given that due to a fire at the distillery these casks were mislaid and forgotten about for nearly 5 years.   When they were discovered and tasted, they were found to have a really great flavor and were bottled for distributed and now available in America.

     Antigua is another island in the southeastern Caribbean that has a really great rum that is on my favorites list.     The English Harbour Reserve, a 10 year old rum from the Antigua Distillery.     The beauty of the island and the taste of their rum fit well together.

     Puerto Rico is where I first got the Chance to taste the Don Q Gran Anejo.   I was instantly captivated by this fine rum.   It reached my acquisition list immediately and brought back with me.

    You see it is easy to fall in love with good premium rums as you bounce from one Caribbean Island to another.    This follow true almost anywhere you travel in the world these days, as rum distilleries are popping up in nearly any area where sugar processing is taking place.      All it takes is a ready supply of molasses.   Just get out there and be a bit of pirate and start your rum collection today.    The United States has several very good rums as well to get your collection started with.   ;o)