Bahama Bob's Rumstyles

Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday and Another "Day Off"

    It's a home day today, a day of chores and repairs of boats, scooters, and appliances.   The really good news is that I had a fun night last night singing karaoke at the Hurricane hole with a bunch of good friends.     Outdoor karaoke is fun with the sea breezes and the beautiful Key West night sky.

   I'm hoping to get every thing done in time to relax for a while and recuperate from another busy and fun week at the Rum Bar.   I guess that even on a day of chores I really can't complaining to loudly, but maybe I'm feeling a little sorry for myself having to work on stuff on such a beautiful day.   I guess that if I just get after it,the chores will be done and I can do what I really want to do.

   Mondays for everyone is about the same, a lot of procrastination even when you have a day off you seem to be able to put things off until you just can't get it all done, even play time.   I guess it is time for me to dig in and "gitter dun" so I will have a bit of play time left before dark, or even maybe a little after dark.   ;o)