Friday, June 22, 2012

Here is the Sunshine for All of Us in the Keys

     After 5 days of overcast and rain here in the Florida Keys, most of us are suffering from "cabin fever", without the cabin.   I just felt that the picture of a great and beautiful sunrise might bring a bit of happiness for a moment anyway.      I guess that the grey sky for 5 days when you are use to sunshine gets rather depressing.    I hope that it will go away soon, but weather antagonizers say that relief from the grey skys is still several days away.    They are still saying that there is no end in sight for the next few days, with the possible deepening of the storm by Saturday evening or Sunday.

TC Activity

They say that this low has a high chance of development into a tropical depression in the next 48 hours, but they don't realize that the Florida Keys have been put into one by all the rain and the overcast skys.   They are telling us that Sunday evening should be the end of this slow moving drenching storm here in the Florida Keys.    This is a huge low pressure area that has drenched Cuba, the Yucatan, and the Florida Keys for a week now and is finally moving north into the Gulf of Mexico.
     Sunday night will be a party for all of us if the rain finally moves away as predicted by the evening.    Look out Key West, we've been either inside or  to quote a friend outside "overcast tanning" for the past week and we are ready to get out and rock.   I'm looking forward to the weather change anyway, you really need the sunshine to keep you alive.    It may mean it is back to sweating in the high 80's heat and humidity, but it really beats these overcast days  any time.   ;o)