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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Where Does Rum Come From?

     Behind the bar, I often get the question "Where does rum come from?".     This surprises me because I like others that are into the rum, I assume that everyone knows where the different liquors come from, but they don't.   So here we go, this is a short synopsis of where we get rum from.

     The story of rum actually begins with  the production of sugar and the waste product of sugar production called molasses.      Going back to the late 1600 in Barbados, sugar production was a huge industry for the island, but getting rid of the molasses was the issue of the day as it was in so many other places that produce sugar.   It was found that it could be fermented and distilled into an intoxicating spirit at a very low cost, thus the first appearances of rum.    

     There are basically two types of rum being produced today, one from molasses and the other directly from the sugar cane juice.     The later is in the French agricole style, a very controlled style of rum production.    The other being the  traditional style of rum made from molasses.    On the fringe of rum, though technically not rum is the Brazilian spirit made from sugar cane juice call Cachaca.   A strong virtually unaged spirit that is wildly popular in Central and South America.

     Today we find rum being produced all around the world, not just from the Caribbean.     There are fine rums coming from the Philippines, Australia, Africa, United States, and any other place that sugar is being produced and there is an abundance of molasses that needs to be disposed of.

     No matter where it is being produced, you will find fine rum wherever you find the resource and the skilled people to create the sugarcane spirits.   Try some of the fine rums that are being created in so many other places away from the Caribbean, you might be surprised at what you come across.   If you stay locked in one room, you'll never experience what the rest of the world has to offer.  Get out and look for some of these rums made in different ways and aged in different ways, you might find your new favorite rum.   ;o)