Saturday, July 14, 2012

Nothing Takes You to Paradise Like a Hammock

     I had a hard time getting out of bed this morning, I was on a beach lying in a hammock looking out over the azure blue of the ocean.    This is a place that always calms my otherwise busy lifestyle.   I can't put my finger it, but there is something magical about a hammock.    I do know that when I'm in one the rest of the world seems to slip away and my mind sees nothing but the calm of paradise.

      I think about hammocks on beaches in St. Croix, Jost Van Dyke, or St. Thomas, but the common theme for hammocks is on a beach spanning the gap between a couple of trees with the ocean as my only view.      White sand, slight breeze and beautiful blue skies that join the blue of the ocean, conger up mountains of wonderful thoughts in my mind.     They carry me away from my little paradise to another paradise and I don't have to leave home to make these wonderful trips a mental reality.   

     Well, I guess that the time has rolled around for me to get up and get moving again before I am Late to work.   It would be tough to have to leave this paradise I live in and the other one that I dream in and go back the  mainland and reality again.     I guess that is why I can't get behind "reality TV", reality is not a really cool place.   I think I will just live here in the Keys and dream of the rest of the tropics between visits to them.   ;o)