Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cancun beyond the Hotel Zone

     Cancun, Mexico is known for it's lavish hotels and crazy and fun nightclubs, but beyond the glitter and glitz is a different Cancun that is a lot of fun.   The Mayan Riviera is an amazing part of Mexico that is the center of the Mayan World.   With ruins at Chichen Itza in the interior to Tulum on the coastline, there is no end to the places to experience the Mayan world.   The Mayan calender ends in December this year, so it might be a great time to visit before the "Mayan world" comes to an end.

   In addition to the natural wonders, there are a lot of fun places just outside of the Hotel Zone to experience new types of adventures such as horse back riding, zip lining, and even off road Segway adventures.    This is an area that you are only challenged by your own fears as to what you are going to try next.  The Mayan Riviera and Cancun provide the adventurer place to have fun day or night virtually 365 days a year in the tropical atmosphere.    Put your big boy or girl pants on and get out and enjoy the Mayan Riviera whenever you get the chance.   I'll be there in December to experience the end of the "Mayan World", hope to see you there.   ;o)