Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fortuna Ron Reserva Exclusiva: 8 Year Old Rum

   Straight from Nicaragua and the brilliance of Master Blender Don "Pancho" Fernandez, come a fine new 8 year old light golden rum.     Fortuna Ron Reserva Exclusiva, is the latest of a string of fabulous rums from the mind of Don "Pancho" Fernandez, this rum has the sweetness of Caribbean fruits and spices, an especially peppery taste with a long lasting somewhat sweet finish.    

     The rum is aged in American Oak bourbon casks for at least 8 years and as many as 10 years.     This  five pass column distilled  masterpiece is made form molasses that produces a very clean and flavorful corn husk colored rum.   Bottled in a short and stocky bottle that brings nautical images to mind as you grab it by the neck.    The surprise comes when you uncork it and the flavors released are so very sophisticated and elegant.

     This is a new rum that I have added to the inventory at the Rum Bar in Key West, and one that is being  loved by all who have tried and enjoyed it's wonderful flavors.    This is a must find rum to add to your collection that you will find yourself enjoying as I do on the aft deck at sunset.  ;o)