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Friday, September 14, 2012

One Week Until Conched in Key West Bar Crawl

     We’re just a few days away from the best bar crawl on the planet! The Conched in Key West Bar Crawl! On behalf of all of the sponsors and Reef Relief we can thank you enough for registering for this year’s event. It’s time to party with a purpose as we crawl our way down Duval and raise money for a great local charity, Reef Relief. Enclosed is the schedule of events for the weekend. That’s right we’re not just crawling on Saturday, we have a full weekend of events planned and would love for you to join us! Also, below you’ll find some additional information about the weekends activities. We hope you’ll join us for them all, but if not, no worries! We’ll see you on Saturday!
     Don't forget that I'll be serving you Authentic Hemingway Daiquiri's made with Diplomatico Blanco Rum at the Rum Bar, the third stop on the crawl.   This is a chance to meet Rob Burr, author of Rob's Rum Guide, and producer of the Miami Rum Renaissance Festival.    I be there to greet you and serve you your cocktails.     We will also be offering you a chance to taste other Diplomatico  Rums during your visit.



Republic National Distributing Company Rum Tasting
8pm – 10pm
Kelly’s Caribbean Bar, Grill & Brewery
301 Whitehead Street, Key West

Join us for a special rum tasting event at Kelly’s Caribbean Bar!    Republic National Distributing Company will be providing light appetizers and lots of great rum for tasting & cocktails. They will also have one of their professional mixologists behind the bar creating some great libations!

KW Crawl Pre-Party
9pm – Close
Smokin’ Tuna Saloon
4 Charles Street, Key West
     Join us at Smokin’ Tuna Saloon for the official Pre-Party of the Conched in Key West Bar Crawl. You’ll be able to enjoy Cruzan Rum drink specials (with Cruzan cup – which we’ll have on hand) and meet your fellow bar crawl buddies.

Conched in Key West Bar Crawl
2pm – ? (How long can you make it?)
Start location: Cork & Stogie
1218 Duval Street, Key West

Bar Crawl Schedule:
Times may vary based on rum consumed, pace of walking & overall flow of event.

2pm: Cork & Stogie – Sponsored by Rum Connection!

3pm: Pearl’s Patio – Sponsored by Team Cocktail

4pm: Rum Bar – Sponsored by Rob’s Rum Guide

5pm: Bottle Cap – Sponsored by Coastlines & Tan Lines

6pm: McConnell’s – Sponsored by Team Cocktail

7pm: Cowboy Bills – Sponsored by Big Kahuna Brew

8pm: Willie T’s – Sponsored by Rum Shop Ryan

9pm: Kelly’s – Sponsored by Starfish Travel

10pm: Smokin’ Tuna Saloon – Sponsored by Coastlines & Tan Lines

Join us as we crawl our way down Duval! Each bar will feature different rums provided by

Republic National Distributing Company
Company, drink specials, raffle prizes, games and more!   We encourage everyone to wear their

Conched in Key West t-shirt that you received with your registration.

 Additionally you will need to get a wristband at the first stop so all bars know you are a part
of the bar crawl.   This will help ensure that you receive all drink specials.


Reef Relief Check Presentation
Conch Republic Seafood
631 Greene Street, Key West
Don't miss all of the fun and festivities of the event that helps us keep the seriously faltering reefs around Key West from disappearing altogether.   ;o)


Living Like a Pirate in Key West

     Key West of 2012 is much different that the days of the marauding pirates of the 1800's, but much of the heritage is still  present today.   The days of the wreckers, something of a pirate group themselves is brought to the forefront many times a year with the  "Wrecker's Races", and the celebration of the history of Key West.    Pirates like others need a place to rest their weary bones and for the modern day pirate of Key West  lerk along the canals of Key Haven on Stock Island just to the East of Key West.

     Hidden from the prying eyes of the tourists and others is the very unique lairs of the modern day pirates of Key West, or at least the ones who like to feel like they are.     Down the maze of canals that make up Key Haven are some of the more unique dwelling in the area.    This is really just a very up scale community, but with the unique houses and twisting canals, it is very much like heading into a secret maze that you can expect to find a pirate waiting around the bend ready to ambush you.

     Did I say a pirate, how about a fortress, one complete with antique cannons and howitzers point at you as you round the bend.   This is a beautiful place that is hidden in the palm trees complete with a widow's watch and a strong Spanish style architecture.   It is the castle of some famous pirate, it must be, not really, but your imagination can take you there as you cruise these waterways.    It is the very uniqueness of the houses here in Key Haven that draws me to cruise the dinghy through her quite often.

     Should you find yourself out on the east side of Stock Island in Boca Chica Channel, see if you can find the entrance to Key Haven and at idle speed, cruise through the waterways and enjoy the wide variety of sights in the neighborhoods.   Remember these are private house and docks, so show the residents the respect that you would like when they go through your neighborhood.    It is still a great adventure for us with an imagination.  ;o)