Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dominican Club Rum


     Dominican Club Rum, is now available here in Florida.   This is a wonderful rum that for its young age is very sophisticated, flavorful and smooth.     Many of the new rums today lack the total package that this fine rum is offering.   I have ordered it for the rum Bar and it will be on the shelf very soon.    It is my opinion that this will soon become one of the classic rums.     One that will be requested on a regular basis at the Rum Bar in the near future.

     An amber colored rum, Dominican Club Rum has a delicate balance of aromas from mocha, banana, and buttermilk.   This rum doesn't have a lot of sweetness on the palate, it even borders on the dry side.  Dominican Club is medium bodied, well rounded, with silky fruited flavors on the palate. The rum is somewhat spicy with hints of praline in the finish.

     I think this is going to be one of the new rums that you will add to your collection, both as a sipper, and as a mixer for your premium cocktails.   Dominican Club Rum will really surprise you.     ;o)