Thursday, October 4, 2012

Havana Club's New "Selecion de Maestros" Rum

     It really doesn't matter which club you visit in Havana, the one club that is always there is "Havana Club" rum.    This is a legendary rum that has been the subject of court battles over the trademark for the United States, and the "holy grail" of rum for most American rum officiants.    With the Cuban embargo it has become nearly impossible to get here within the borders of the United States.

     One of the real pleasures of the trip to Cuba last month was that I was able to attend a seminar put on by Havana Club to introduce their new rum "Havana Club Seleccion de Maestros".   This is the replacement for the "Barrel Proof" that was so popular among the rum people..   

"The Maestros Roneros and I are proud of Selección de Maestros, as we dedicate a lot of time and energy to ensure that it is exceptional in its taste and flavor."

Don José Navarro, Primer Maestro Ronero.
     The rum maestro said it best, this is a masterpiece of ultra premium rum making.   The appearance of warm amber tones with a red glow draws you into the bottle immediately.    Light notes of pecan and spice with notes of wood on the nose as you approach  the glass.   A full well rounded flavor, a complexity of cocoa, coffee, tobacco, and other spices blossoms to carry you to the finish.  The tasting is completed by the smoke and spice with subtle hints of candied fruits in a remarkably smooth and long lasting finish.
     This is one of those very special sipping  rums that needs to be enjoyed in a very relaxed atmosphere with nothing but time to spend enjoying "Seleccion de Maestros".