Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Travel Day to Barquisimeto, Venezuela Fun Time

     This was a fun day of travel, all of the flights were on time and the weather was smooth.   It was rainy in Port of Spain in the morning, but undaunted, we walked out to the ATR plane and got aboard.   After a smooth flight to Caracas, we were met by Alfonso Castillo Gonzalez, the Diplomatico Ambassador that is keeping us company for the visit.  We started our lastest adventure with a nice lunch in the Caracas Airport followed by dessert of Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva served by the bottle.

    We cheerfully passed the 4 hour lay over in Caracas with a great lunch and an even better dessert of Diplomatico Rum, but alas it was time to leave and head out.   The short 45 minute flight to Barquismeto was smooth and quick .   We walked down the steps from the plane to the ground and to the terminal to get our baggage.

     Next it is aboard the "Rum Bus" again and off to the Hotel.   You can see the color of the city as we take the highway the rings it.   We pass the dry river bed for which the city is named, and continue to the Hotel.

   While the rest of the crew went out for dinner, this kid crashed.  Lots of food and good rum combined with a week of to little sleep have caught up with me.   I want to be alert and feeling good today when we head to the distillery and blending rooms.   Diplomatico Distillery is one of the more interesting because of all of the capabilities it has.    Anyway it is sun up and the day looks like a great one and I feel the same way.   Off to breakfast and then the distillery.   Check back tomorrow for the pictures and story of the day at the Diplmatico Distillery.   ;o)