Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Getting Those Hard to Find Rums

     Hardly a day goes by at the Rum Bar that some one asks me how to find a particular rum.   "I love this Rum, but they don't sell rum in my town.   This is a very common problem, and here is one answer.   Internet Rum Sales!   There are many companies on the net that sell the "spirits of the cane" out there.  

Forrest Cokely
     One of my fellow RumXP's (rum judges and writers) manages one such operation in Costa Mesa, California.  Forrest Cokely runs Hi-Times Wine Cellar, http://www.hitimewine.net/RUM/ a huge store and internet wine and spirits operation that can solve these kind of problems for people all over the United States.    There you will find a great selection of rum and all the expertise that you can ever use.   It is these services that will help all of us that live places where the populous has not become enlightened to rum and the stores just don't stock the fine quality rums we desire.

    These internet operations are numerous, such operations include; Amazon.com, drinkupny.com, totalwine.com, samswine.com, bizrate.com, to thefind.com, all of these are examples of places for you to search for your favorite rums.   There are some restrictions, because of local laws, but this is definitely the place to be looking for those hard to find rums that you tasted at your favorite island bar and get home to find that no one has any idea of what you are talking about.  Give this a try, if you live in a state that restricts the shipping of liquor to you, I'm very sorry, but otherwise these are great sources for the fine rums of the world.  ;o)

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