Saturday, September 28, 2013

Taildrager Amber Rum: Pure Rum Personified

Vintage Taildragger, brings back thoughts of Amber Rum
  Taildragger Amber is pure rum personified, It is distilled then aged for six months in rye whiskey barrels and bottled.  There is no filtering to take the flavor or color out of it.   Made from a high grade "Cane Juice Molasses" (first boil in the sugar process) to attain a bit of the agricole style flavor to the expression.   You can smelt he grassy aromas of Taildragger Amber right off the bat.

     This is a rum that will take you to a remote isle in the Caribbean and offers you the feeling of freedom and escape that keeps you in a great and happy mood.   Taildragger Amber is a small batch, hand crafted rum that gives you flavors that can only be achieved through this method of distillation.

     This is a fine young rum, you can pick up aromas of grassy cane, caramel, nuts, dried bananas and some other spices.  On the palate, it has a very smooth, fruity, medium bodied flavor, and slides into a somewhat dry or maybe semi sweet finish. 

     Taildragger Amber is good replacement for white rum in many traditional rum cocktails including Cuba Libre's, Mojito's, or Daiquiri's.   I feel that this very shippable rum, I like it best with a cube or two of ice to open up the flavor and sets the mood for an easy relaxing evening of the aft deck at sunset.  ;o)

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