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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Marlyn's Birthday Party in the Marina Last Night

    The owner of the marina had a birthday party last night and it went on into the wee hours of the morning.  The head is a bit foggy this morning and at least I didn't have to walk out into a bright morning sun today.  The little shower and the clouds were welcome.

     The Kingfisher was out this morning getting his morning meal and all in all it was quite the nice morning.   I'm normally in bed by 9 or 10, and these 3am getting into bed are hard on this old guy, but it was a party for a friend and worth staying up for.

     I know that in my younger days, the late nights were easy to handle for a few days in a row, but these days even one is rough.  I guess that is the price of the years of experience and something that you just have to be aware of.   I'm not going to complain about this because it was a fun party that all who attended enjoyed immensely.

                                       By the way I will be in bed by 8 tonight!!!  ;o)