Saturday, February 23, 2013

Thinking about the Lake

     The snow reports and listening to my friends that are still up in the Lake Norman area, sending pictures of snow and very cold days right now remind me of why I am in Key West today.  Yesterday was in the 80"s down here in Key West, not to be rubbing it in, I'm really glad to be here in the winter time.   There were many good times we all had on the lake, times and people I still miss a lot. 

    We use to get together every January or February for a first raft-up and have a great time just getting back on the water for the first time each year.  This was a great time and usually included a gallon or two of my original "Hurricane Bob", a fun rum concoction that was pretty well known around the lake in the 2002 through 2005.    It was a chance for the lake set to get together for some fun and tell the stories of the winter and how we couldn't wait for spring so we could get back on the lake again.    Most of us have migrated around the country now, but there are still a pretty good sized group that are still living up there on the lake today.

     It was the many days on the lake that got me headed to Key West and a full time life on the water that I am living today.   I still have the wander-lust that keeps me exploring the areas around the Keys that I had when I could be found exploring the un-settled parts of the lake.   The old "Sea Ray Santiago" as she was called, really a Bayliner, but because a close friend worked for Sea Ray, and couldn't be seen on anything else, we put Sea Ray insignias on the side and all was good with the world and my friends.

    Times change, and boats get swapped out, but the fun of being on the water really doesn't change much.  On the lake, we would jump into the boat and head to the Rusty Rudder there on the lake to get together with friends and a few cocktails, today it is a dinghy ride to the Hurricane Hole here on Stock Island for the same purpose, still just as much fun with good friends and good "spirits".   Thanks for sharing my water world, it is always a blast.  ;o)