Saturday, May 4, 2013

Sunshine and Some Lifted Spirits

    Today is one of those beautiful Key West days when you step out on the dock to a nice breeze and a blue sky.  These are the days we live here for, they put a bounce in you step and a smile on your face as you saunter down the docks and up to the office.   I'm watching the charter fishing boats headed out for the day and the azure colors of the water as they blend with the blue sky and I try to talk myself into going into the office to write the blog this morning.   After the weather this week has provided, this is what the doctor called for.

   As I stand here just eying the sky, I caught the unusual wings of a Frigate bird making lazy circles in the sky a few hundred yards away, as I continued to watch, he kept circling closer and closer.   These are amazing birds that are found all over
the Caribbean, and along the Pacific Side of Central and South America.  They are the most efficient fishermen, yet look like something right out of prehistoric times.   This is a huge bird with a body that is about 39 inches long and a wingspan of nearly 85 inches.

     The Frigate Bird feeds mostly on fish, but is somewhat of a pirate as well.  Known to attack other sea birds and get them to drop their catch and then scoop it up, "steal the booty" if you will.   Kind of fitting a "pirate bird" in the land of the pirates and other scoundrels.  I find the bird to be one of my favorites, I've seen them in Mexico, Panama. Venezuela, Trinidad, Barbados, Virgin Islands and many other destinations  I've visited in the tropical waters.

    Anyway it is a day here in Key West that has really lifted my spirits and got me ready for a fun day down at the Rum Bar in a few hours.   If you are in the area today, stop on by and say hey, or head out and enjoy the sunshine, it is really great for the spirits as well.  ;o)