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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Panama Red Comes to Town

Panama Red
     Last night was my wife Marta's birthday party here in the marina.   We had a very unique visitor for the party that made the party very exciting.   This exciting Panamanian Redhead lit up the evening.    No, I'm not in trouble for bringing the lovely lady that was the legendary dancer and owner of "Cantina Roja's", but a bottle of Panama Red Rum.   

"Red Sky's at Night"
     This is one of the new wave of bold rums that go back to the roots of rum making and another one of the fine rums made in the Cuban style of rum making by Francisco "Don Pancho" Fernandez.   Panama Red is a bold 108 proof full bodied rum that boasts flavor and aroma that keeps the party going all night long.   It was fun introducing the "redhead" to my friends last night, although she didn't last very long.    The group really enjoyed her as rum on the rocks and as a mixer.   This versatile redhead will really surprise you, even though she is an overproof, her smoothness and flavor will astound you.

     This one has a mahogany "roja" amber color with incredible long legs as well.  Her aromas of honey, vanilla, oak and dried fruit lure you to her like Panama Red drew the sailors to "Cantina Roja's".    On the palate, she is warm and bold with a sweetness and notes of spice and the barrel.   There is an earthiness that is very distinct that appears in the back of your mouth and the finish is smooth with a long slow fade that is a reminder of the flavors from the palate.

   To say the very least, Panama Red was the hit of the evening and one lady that Key West will not soon forget.   Looking forward to partying again soon with this "lovely redhead".   ;o)