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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Phraya Rum from Thailand

     Phraya Rum from Thailand is an idea founded on the basic elements, Fire, earth, air and water.   This is a time honored Asian belief and the essence of all creation.   Made in the Nakhom Pathom, regarded as the site of the first city in Thailand, it has bountiful resources of sugar cane and a perfect climate for the deep maturation of this fine rum.   The rum gets its name from the Choa Phraya River which flows through the heart of Bangkok, the capital of Thailand.

     The rum is aged by a “deep maturation” process in warehouses that are over cool lagoons.  This slows the aging process and gives the rum a unique and distinctive depth.  The rum is aged between 7 and 12 years and only the barrels with the very finest rum are selected for blending.    This rum offers an enlightened glimpse into the ancient traditions of Asian rum making.

    This rum offers a vibrant golden amber color with flashes of copper appearing in the right light.  There is a bouquet of honey and vanilla and hints of spices and raisins on the nose.  The palate senses creamy butterscotch and fruit as it passes over the tongue, leaving a very desirable smoothness behind.  The finish is delicate and lingering with hints of spice and a creamy vanilla flavor.   This is rich full flavored rum with a delicate balance that I really enjoyed.

     The elements of fire in the oak barrels the rum is aged in, the Earth that the sugar cane is raised in, the air around the lush tropical environment in which the rum is made, and the soft and natural water of the Ta Chin River.  These elements make up the enticing flavor of the new Phraya Rum giving it the spirit of Southeast Asia.  ;o)