Saturday, August 17, 2013

Morning in Havana

     One of the best parts of visiting Havana is waking up early and watch the progression of night time into daytime.   The changes in the city are amazing as the sun gets higher and higher into the sky.  The progression from the fist streaks of light to the bright light of morning is absolutely breathtaking as I sit at the window of my hotel room.   The first signs of light and the way it peeks between the clouds is amazing.

     Then things begin to brighten behind the buildings and  last vestiges of night are being seen on the front side of the buildings across the park .   The neon lights seem to glow in the faint light of the dawn and the outlines of the buildings give way to the colors and faces of each of these unique buildings.

     With the sun nearly reaching a full illumination of the city, you begin to see more of the detail of the city and the movement of more and more people headed to their assigned places for the day's work and exploration.

     Then it seems to happen like some one  flipped on the switch and the night has become day and the city is back in full swing with people, cars, trucks and buses filling the streets.  This is the start of the new and exciting day of exploration and life as we get to wander around the town looking for our next adventure.  ;o)