Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Havana and the Art

    Walking through the streets I have seen many incredibly beautiful buildings and places.  Under the sculptures that are the buildings of Havana there are some pretty incredible art works as well.   In the area around the Plaza de San Francisco and the Port of Havana there are many plazas in front of the many churches and cathedrals.   Around these churches there are many more displays in the courtyards of the "Catedrals".   The amazing part to me is the fact that this art is out in the open and still in really pristine condition.

      As you walk through the streets of Havana you will also find an abundance of "street art" as well.  Much made from debris that is collected from the back streets of the city and put to good use as art work helping to decorate the city.  This is the art of the people, and also very important to the expressiveness of the people of Havana and their love of the arts.    The creativeness of the Cuban people is what I find so wonderful about the country.  The seem to be able to make things from the scraps of the countryside and have an end product that is really beautiful.

No matter the subject of the arts of Cuba they are absolutely spectacular, making up one of the more interesting parts of the city and countryside that is Cuba and Havana.   ;o)