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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Rum Bahamas Festival Medals Announced.

    The results of the first Rum Bahamas Festival Competition are in.  This is the first festival for the Bahamas and a very fine one it was.   There were 50 rum expressions entered and  they were judged based on aroma, appearance, taste and overall impression in a blind tasting by the ten judges from the Bahamas and the United States.

     These are the results for each category.    See where some of your favorite rums finished in the First ever Bahamas rum competition.

Flavored Rum:
Gold – Calico Jack Key Lime
Silver – Kingston Brand Coconut
Bronze – Bambarra Coconut

White Rum:
Gold – Plantation 3 Star
Silver – John Watling’s Pale Rum
Bronze – Naked Turtle White Rum

Gold – Rhum JM 2001
Silver – Clement VSOP
Bronze – Rhum JM VSOP

Gold / Dark Rum:
Gold – Blackwell Fine Jamaican Rum
Silver – Bambarra Reserve
Bronze – Gosling’s Black Seal

Extra Aged:
Gold – El Dorado 12
Silver – Plantation 20th Anniversary Rum
Bronze – Kaniche XO
There were a lot of fine rums entered for the competition, and these are the best of the best for the First Rum Bahamas Rum Awards for 2014.   ;o)

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  1. Two coconut rums in the top three for the flavored catagory, and I don't have either of them at the CapyBar. Gotta change that forthwith.