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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Grenada Six Saints Rum

     A gentleman walked into the Rum Bar yesterday and handed me a Bible, when I opened it up is was a flask of rum made in Grenada at the Clarke's Court Rum Distillery. this was a rum that was new to me and I found the unusual means of introduction very interesting.   I wasn't prepared for a flask of rum hidden in a bible, but there it was a the rum was just as interesting as the presentation.

    The rum itself has a very rich aroma of creme brulee, with more fruit notes as the expression crosses the palate.  I pick up notes of banana and dried citrus fruit with subtle spices notes in the back of the palate.  I get some wine notes also as it hits the back of the palate.  The finish is prolonged and smooth.

     "The devout islanders of Grenada have been quietly hand crafting rum for over 200 years.   Named after the Caribbean isle's six saintly parishes, we distill divine natural rum, the way it always has been.  Using once used bourbon barrels and presented at 47.7% abv, the perfect sipping strength.  You might say Six Saints is a truly immaculate conception."

    All in all I feel this is going to be one of those rums that you will always want, but have a hard time locating it.  It is soon to be distributed herein Florida and I will keep you informed about it as information becomes available.  ;o)

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