Bahama Bob's Rumstyles

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

And Away We Go Again

     The start of a new year is always a fun challenge for me.  I like erasing the old slate and beginning again with new ideas and things that I am interested in doing.  I really don't make resolutions, but use the time to come up with new ideas and better ways to approach what I am already doing.    This time last year it was a newt approach to finishing the book.  This year I'm looking at new ventures and adventures to keep my mind fresh and functioning as well.     I'm excited about the Rum Festival Bahamas coming up in February, of course the Rum Renaissance Festival in Miami in April and Caribbean Rum and Beer Festival in November.  I'm also excited about several planned trips to the islands again this year.   All in all I'm pretty excited in anticipation of all the fun that this year has for me.

     The blog is another thing that has provided me with some wonderful things as well.  You loyal readers that check in every day and keep up with all the wonderful and weird things that pop into my head are greatly appreciated.  I'm planning to continue the daily attack on your minds this year as well.  The blog passed several milestones in 2013 and is looking to continue improving in 2014.

     Key West has brought the year in in it's usual manner with a pirate wench coming down the mast of a schooner ship, a conch shell descending the face of Sloppy Joe's and Sushi and her ruby slipper descending  the front of the Bourbon Street Pub.   All's well in Key West and the party keeps happening for another year.

    It is my hope that your year will be a wonderful and fun one that allows you to keep growing and finding better and more fun ways to live.   Press on and make things happen, the days for talk are gone and it is time to do.  Just get Out and Do this is my motto for 2014.   ;o)