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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Havana Day Dreaming and Wishing That I was There.

   Seeing the pictures and reading about all of the fun that my friend is having in Havana this week, has me longing to head back over there for some more fun again.  The place is so magic, all of the great places and entertainment has me longing to go back today.   This past weekend at the bar, every one wanted to talk about Havana and what the place is like.  I long to return to the incredible time warp that is Havana and Cuba.  This hasn't eased my longing to return at all.

     I wish that there weren't so many things happening this year, it is making it very hard to escape like I would really like to.   The El Floridita, Sloppy Joe's, Hotel
Nacional de Cuba, The Tropicana, and of course the Bodeguita del Medio all wonderful places to visit.  Climbing to the top of the Bacardi Building and viewing the Havana Skyline is breath taking.   So many things and places that you can spend a year there and still be missing so many unique things and places.

    If I don't make it this year there is always next year.  Still want to visit Santiago de Cuba and see the original Bacardi distillery that is now producing Santiago de Cuba rums, very nice rums at that.   The historic city of Santiago de Cuba has so much history that I could spend weeks there as well.  So much to see, and I am still drawn in so many directions to get everything done and see so many other places..  

     To my friend, have a great visit and I will see you when you
return.  ;o)