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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Papa Andres Releases Latest Expression

     Papá Andrés 2015 Alegría Edition  the latest expression from the private reserves of the Brugal Family of the Dominican Republic has been released to the Duty Free Travel Market.   Looking to tap the lucrative American Travel sector, the latest expression will be selling at about $1500.00 per bottle US.  Your next trip out of the United States will give you the opportunity to get your hands on a bottle of this truly exquisite rum expression.

     Spanish designer Javier Mariscal has created a collectors’ book for this edition, the second-ever release of Papá Andrés.   “Papá Andrés is the ultimate expression of Brugal quality, craft and skill – a truly rare and extraordinary rum.”

     "Papá Andrés 2015 Alegría Edition – ‘alegría’ meaning joy – hails from a limited number of casks which are carefully guarded in Brugal’s warehouses in Puerto Plata.    Only occasionally a small amount is extracted and used to blend a special limited edition bottling. The cask is then replenished with a selection of that year’s best aged rums and laid down again."

     "Traditionally enjoyed at important family celebrations, the private reserve rum is named in in honor of the company’s founding father, Don Andrés Brugal Montaner. The Alegría Edition will mark only the second time it has been released for sale, giving rum drinkers, connoisseurs and collectors a rare opportunity to savor this ‘ultimate expression of the rum-making art.’"
     Juan Gentile, Commercial Director LatAm & Duty Free Americas, comments, “Papá Andrés is the ultimate expression of Brugal quality, craft and skill − a truly rare and extraordinary rum.
“By introducing this exceptional super-premium rum to a wider audience, we are changing the way people perceive the category and we are reaching a new generation of luxury spirit consumers.
     “We are particularly proud to unveil Papá Andrés 2015 Alegría Edition, which is the pinnacle of luxury rum from the very heart of the Brugal family.”   Just 1,000 of the Brugal Papá Andrés 2015 Alegría Edition decanters will be produced, priced at US$1,500 each, and available to order from April 2015.   All profits will go to the Brugal Foundation, established in 1988 to support development and reduce poverty in the Dominican Republic.
     Brugal's  Papa Andres 2015 Alegria Edition is the pinnacle of fine rum making, rarely released for public purchase.  This is one of the rare opportunities for the dedicated collector to own a bottle of this fine rum.   ;o)

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