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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Miami Rum Festival is Underway

Judges John Gibbons and Marie King

     The judges and friends have all arrived and the evaluation of the rums that were submitted for the competition has begun.  The first two of the six sessions are now completed with two more on Wednesday and the final 2 on Thursday.   We have looked at the Gold, Aged 5 to 8 years and the gold with no age statement. in the first session and the white and aged agricoles in the second session.

     We enjoyed getting back together and chatting at the welcome breakfast this morning, then it was into the judging rooms and handle the  job of tasting the rums that have been submitted for competition.   After lunch it was back at it for the second session.

     This evening many of the judges will be boarding a bus for Fort Lauderdale for an evening of dinner and a show at the Mai Kai.   This famous Polynesian restaurant has roots that go back to the days of the Tiki era.   First opened in 1956, it has run continuously, even through several renovations just as it does today.  The chef, bar manager, and many other staff members when it first opened were former employees of Don the Beachcomber.

     Tomorrow there will be two more judging sessions and several meetings with several rum producers.  The fun just keeps happening and happening.   ;o)

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