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Monday, August 24, 2015

Look What Has Happen to Rum in the Past 10 Years

     Ten years ago, blended Scotch whisky was described as an “old man’s drink”.  It was viewed with a mix of suspicion and contempt by the glitterati.    Now it’s so fashionable that even David Beckham is associating himself with it.    10 years ago the only rum deal to be done was for light or white rums.    Today, big bold dark rums are back in vogue.   All spirits categories, the most surprising renaissance has been dark rums.    Rum is in a unique position in that, while other spirits are overwhelmingly dark, light or white, rum can be all three.    Throw in category distractions such as spiced and flavored rums; you have the most versatile spirit categories ever. 
     “Our view is that the general outlook for rum has never been so good,” he says. “In each of our markets, lights are turning to green, with a surging interest from professionals and individuals, and more especially for premium and ultra-premium aged rums.”    There is more and more interest in the premium range of fine dark rums and more and more producers creating expressions for this growing interest.  In talking with many of the better master blenders and distillers, I find that there is little interest but the public in new standard white rums, but rather premium quality rums in the white, gold, and dark expressions.
     As a purchaser of rums for the Rum Bar in Key West, I find it easier to sell the premium and ultra-premium lines than the lesser expressions.  In the past seven or eight years this is beginning to be more and more noticeable.   The days of dark rums an coke or some other disguising mix are disappearing in a hurry, being replaced by “dark rum neat or with maybe a cube or two of ice. 
Tito Cordero with Diplomatico Single Vintage
     There have been a good number of very interesting single vintage and single estate rums appearing on the market these days.  These are all very nice sippers, and rums that really are becoming popular with the rum lovers from everywhere.    Rum’s long history from the days of being called “kill devil” because of its horrid taste and burn, to today when it is one of the finest tasting dark spirits around.  Rum has few rules and the creativity of the producers has led to very unique flavor profiles that seem to find a palate for every one of them.

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