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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Rumsploring Rat Key

     Yesterday was one of those beautiful August afternoons in the Florida Keys.  It was hot and
perfect for some water time.   My friend Mike Streeter and I decided to grab a bit of rum, good sippin' type from Siesta Key and Santiago de Cuba and explore a small uninhabited key just off of Key West.   Upon landing at the edge of Rat Key, we found it to be a wonderful little place to hide from the sun under all of the pine trees, add the cooling breeze off of the water and you have a perfect paradise.

     We decided on a great spot where we immediately broke out our "Red Solo Cups" and added a couple of cubes of ice followed by a nice pour of Santiago de Cuba Anejo Rum.   With rum in hand, like good explorers we started to wander around this wonderful little place and found a great area that some of the local sailors have been known to frequent.  This place had all the amenities for a great afternoon on a "Gilligan's Island" type of adventure.  There were chairs, benches and a fire pit.

     This was a pristine place for the most part, after exploring for a while it was time to add another cube of ice to the now empty "red solo cup" and  refill it with Siesta Key Limited Edition beer barrel aged rum .  Most of you know that I love doing a bit of exploring while sipping good rum.  It makes me feel like a pirate, especially when I find a great little uninhabited key to roam.

     We finished up our rum and grabbed the trash bag and walked about the key again and picked up some trash that had drifted up on the edges of the island.  I always like to leave a place better than I found it.  I love the saying, "take in all the place has to offer and leave behind only foot prints".  While we were picking up our stuff and getting ready to head back to the boat, we met a local on the island.  The good size hermit crab strolled by, greeted us and went upon his way.

     It was a great afternoon in a world removed from the usual and
one I will most likely visit more often.  ;o)

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