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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Caribbean Rum and Beer Festival CAB Results are In.

     It was a privilege to be a part of this year’s CAB Tastings and be asked to be a judge for the event.  The event was a very nice one, that had a large number of entries and the winners should all be proud of their medals.   It was also a pleasure to be able to address such a receptive audience for my seminar on the Daiquiri Cocktail.   I’m really looking forward to returning in 2016 to this event.

     The 2015 CAB Contest results for rum were announced at the 5th Caribbean Rum & Beer Festival on 7th November 2015. They are as follows;

Category: White Rum

GOLD               Toppers White Rhum (Topper’s Rum, St Maarten)
SILVER           Westerhall 12 Degrees (Westerhall Estate, Grenada)
BRONZE         Blue Water Ultra Premium (Blue Water Rum, St Maarten)

Category: Overproof Rum

GOLD              Westerhall Jack Iron (Westerhall Estate Ltd, Grenada)
SILVER           Wicked Dolphin Rumshine (Wicked Dolphin, Florida USA)
BRONZE         Westerhall White Jack (Westerhall Estate Ltd, Grenada)

Category: Flavoured Rum

GOLD               Topper’s Mocha Mama Rhum (Topper’s Rhum, St Maarten)
SILVER           Ma Doudou Orange Rhum (Ma Doudou, St Martin)
BRONZE         Guavaberry Original (St Maarten Guavaberry Company, St Maarten)

Category: Spiced Rum

GOLD               Clifton Estate Original Spice (Clifton Estate Rum, Nevis)
GOLD              Blue Water Caribbean Gold (Blue Water Rum, St Maarten)
SILVER           Ma Doudou Spices (Ma Dohdou Rhum, St Martin)
BRONZE         Topper’s Spiced Rhum (Topper’s Rhum, St Maarten)

Category: Brown Rum

GOLD               Richland Distillers Estate Rum (Richland Distillers, Georgia USA)
SILVER           Westerhall Dark Rum (Westerhall Estate, Grenada)
BRONZE         Borgoe 82 Rum (Suriname Alcoholic Beverages, Suriname)

Category: Aged Rum (5 – 9 years)

GOLD               Guavaberry Republic 8 YO (St Maarten Guavaberry Company)
SILVER           Borgoe Grand Reserve (Suiname Alcoholic Beverages, Suriname)
BRONZE         Banks DIH XM 5 YO (Banks DIH, Guyana)

Category: Aged Rum (10 – 14 years)

GOLD              Westerhall 10XO (Westerhall Estate, Grenada)
SILVER           Banks DIH XM Special 12 Year Old Rum (Banks DIH Ltd, Guyana)
BRONZE         Doorly’s 12 YO (R L Seale, Barbados)

Category: Aged Rum (15 years and over)

GOLD               Borgoe 15 Year Old Premium Aged Rum (SAB, Suriname)
SILVER           Pusser’s 15 YO Premium Rum (Pusser’s Rum, BVI)
BRONZE         Banks DIH XM Supreme 15 Year Old Rum (Banks DIH Ltd, Guyana)

The blind tasting competition took place during the just concluded 2015 Caribbean Rum & Beer Festival held in St. Maarten, hosted at the Sonesta Maho Beach Resort & Casino.

In a closed room session the judging panel sampled some 60 rums and made their decisions based upon four criterion; Appearance, Aroma, Taste and Overall Impression. This year the judging panel included the co-founders of the International Rum Council Dave Russell, Mike Streeter, Carlton Grooms and Nick Feris, as well as rum exporters to Asia; Shinobu & Maryse Uchiono of Gwad-Link, in addition to Bahama Bob Leonard, Shawn Martin, Mark Theron, Carl Kanto, Philip Ils, and Jonathan Collymore.

The Caribbean Rum & Beer Festival is set to become the Caribbean’s premier promotion and retailing event for rum and beer beverages. The 6th Festival will be held in November 2016.

For More information about the 2016 Caribbean Rum & Beer Festival go to


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