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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Winter has Actually Arrived in Key West

     Rainy day in Key West.  So many things planed and now I'm here in the marina.   I've got a number of projects that need doing, but a dreary day with all the clouds and rain make it a bit hard to get motivated.  This is the price you sometimes pay for living where the sun shines most of the times and the rain only lasts for about 20 minutes of so,   I guess that I have to accept the winter happens even in Key West.

     I go out of the aft deck and watch the gray clouds as I look through the rain spattered glass.   I thought about creating a new cocktail, but the inspiration just wasn't their.   Sat and watched the water as the rain drops mad interesting splashes in the smooth, clam water.    I decided to go outside anyway,I'm not made of "butter", I won't melt.   After all the temperature is still 77 degrees and there is no wind to chill you.  It really felt good having the raindrops fall on my head and sounds of the rain splashing off of my foul weather gear.

     Not many people out and around on the docks, so I guess that I'll just wander back to the boat and
see how long this is going to linger.   By 5 o'clock, rain or shine it is into the dinghy and head off to the Hurricane hole and enjoy a couple of cocktails with some of the braver locals that will ignore the rain and come down to the dockside bar for the usual conversations and cocktails.  Who knows it might be nicer by then and we can go out and stay dry.  If not it will be a fun outing anyway.  ;o)

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