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Saturday, March 7, 2015

"Scoff-Law": The Word and the Cocktail

Back in the Prohibition days, there was a very popular cocktail known as "Scoff - Law", it was created by a millionaire named Delcevare King.    King had anti-saloon league morals and offered a prize for the person who created a new word for the "Lawless Drinker".  "Scoff - law  was the winning entry and a cocktail baring the same name was soon to follow.  The cocktail was a sour with an addition of some dry vermouth.  The cocktail first  appeared in at Harry's New York Bar, located in Paris circa 1924.

Original Scoff - Law Cocktail

·         1 1/2 oz. Rye Whiskey
·         1 oz. Dry Vermouth
·         3/4 oz. Grenadine
·         Juice of ½ Lemon
Place all ingredients into an ice-filled shaker. Shake and strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a lemon twist.
As usual, I enjoy working many of these classic cocktails into my world of rum and give them a new twist.  This cocktail fits into that category very well, because of it's first ingredient.   I think that a bit of Doorly's XO would be a good starting place and then lets see where it leads.
Rum Scoff - Law Cocktail.
  • 2 oz. Doorly's XO
  • 1 oz. Dry Vermouth
  • 1/2 oz. DeKuyper Pomegranate Liqueur
  • Juice of a half Lemon
Place all ingredients into a shaker filled with ice and shake until chilled.  Strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with a lemon zest.  
This is a really tasty cocktail I think that you will enjoy.  ;o)