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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A Maryland Senator has Proposed a New Bill to Allow 18-year-old Members of the US Military to Drink Alcohol.

     This article appeared in the Spirit Business, I though it makes good sense.  If a person is willing to and allowed to give their lives for the country, who are "we the people" to have better judgment on where they are mature enough to drink in a responsible manner?

A senator has proposed lowering the legal drinking age for troops in Maryland, US

     Senator Ron Young, D-Frederick proposed a reduction in the legal drinking age for military members to the Senate Education, Health and Environmental Affairs Committee on Friday.

     The bill would permit service members under the age of 21 to drink beer and wine at a bar or restaurant by showing valid military identification, however spirits and off-premise purchases would still be prohibited.

     “Is someone can risk their life, why shouldn’t they be able to have a glass of beer or wine with dinner?” Young asked the committee.

      His proposal has received support from Hugh Warner, commander of Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 3285 in Frederick, who told the Frederick News Post: “If the young man’s able to dodge bullets, he ought be able to vote and take a beer now and then.”

     However, a state transportation official estimated Maryland would lose approximately US$32 million in highway funds every year as a result of not complying with the federal uniform drinking age law.

     An anti-drink driving organisation called Washington Regional Alcohol Program has opposed the bill, claiming minimum drinking age laws have saved almost 30,000 people since 1975.

     I found this to be an interesting read and one that should be considered for those willing to give their lives on foreign lands for the protection of our way of life.  I feel that if you are old enough to handle the equipment of war, you should be mature enough for a cocktail.  ;o)