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Friday, April 3, 2015

Admiral Nelson unveils Black Spiced Rum

Heaven Hill has introduced the latest addition to the Admiral Nelson’s Rum portfolio, a “darker, bolder” Black Patch Premium Black Spiced Rum. 

     The new bottle features a cream, black and silver label to reflect the bolder flavour of the rum.       Marketed with the strapline, “Admirably Smooth. Mysteriously Dark”, the new release has been filtered through charred American white oak barrels used to age Bourbon – a process which is said to enrich the flavor of the spirit.
     Bottled at 47% abv, Admiral Nelson’s Black Patch Rum features a cream, black and silver label to reflect the bolder flavor of the rum   Hannah Venhoff, Admiral Nelson’s Rum brand manager, said: “The emergence of Spiced Black Rum is a tremendous opportunity for Rum consumers.

     “Admiral Nelson’s Black Patch is a natural extension of the franchise as Rum consumers seek out more dynamic, bolder styles.”   The new flavor will be available from June at an RRP of US$10.99 for 750ml. It will also be available in 50ml and 1.75l sizes.
     The only bad art to this story is that Admiral Rodney has not found his way into the United States yet,   This is a great St. Lucia Rum that very few of their products ever make it to the United States.  ;o)