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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Papa's Pilar and You can Help the Oceans

     Papa’s Pilar, the rum that bears the name of Ernest Hemingway’s famous fishing boat, has launched a new campaign to encourage ocean preservation. Timed with World Oceans Day and Hemingway’s birthday, during the campaign Papa's Pilar will donate $1 to the Ocean Foundation every time a fan posts a photo of themselves enjoying a glassed Papa's Pilar near the water.
     Papa's Pilar is trying to encourage you to get your rum, get to the water, and share a photo enjoying some Pilar for a great cause!


#PilarPreserves (Must tag for us to see it!)
Spreading the word, posting a picture or two, and encouraging your following to do the same. Every post means a $1 donation to the Ocean Foundation and we’d love to see more of our partners and friends show everyone how it’s done!