Bahama Bob's Rumstyles

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Havana Club 15 Year

     Havana Club 15 Year old is a very unique member of the Havana Club family.  It is produced in
the former Bacardi Factory in Santiago de Cuba.   This is one of the finest tasting rums in the collection.  When I visited the "Museo de Ron" in Santiago de Cuba, I very surprised when I found it was no produced in Cardena or Santa Cruz.  

     Because all of the rum are produced by the government of Cuba, it is not surprising to find out that it was produced there.  Some of Cubas best rums, Santiago de Cuba 12 and 25 year old come out of the rum factory in Santiago de Cuba.  


      The Mahogany color is beautiful, like a fine finished table.   The rum possesses long legs that just seem endless.   .  The aroma hits you immediately, giving off notes of sweetness and light touches of leather and oak.   The complexity and lure of the aroma, you just can’t wait for that initial taste.    There is an initial sweetness balanced the spice and fruit of this medium bodied expression.    The finish is long and it lingering just long enough.   I found this rum to have the appeal that kept your nose in the glass and your palate ready for that next taste.

     I found some similarities to the 12 year Santiago de Cuba, but it was a definite stand alone expression really different from other Havana Club rums.   Given the opportunity to try this rum, don't miss it.