Monday, November 9, 2015

Rum Producers ar predicting Significant Growth for Premium Rums

    Over the past few years, almost every rum producer that I know, is working on their premium and ultra-premium expressions.   There are more and more expressions being introduced that fall into this portion of the category.  There seems to be more and more interest on the retail level and in the cocktail lounges for fine sipping rums that didn't exist ten years ago.

     According to the West Indies Rum and Spirits Producers’ Association’s (WIRSPA) new international market report, titled Decade of Rum, the sector grew from 101,757,000 nine-liter case sales in 2000, to 142,291,000 in 2010 (IWSR) – making it the fastest-growing spirits category in the world during that time.   “Looking at the dynamics of the market, and the views of influential characters in the industry, there is huge optimism for the future of the category, which is being driven by four key factors – the breadth of appeal for rum, the growth of cocktails, the global trend to premiumisation and the enthusiasm of top trade professionals for the category.”   Citing IWSR figures, WIRSPA said volume sales of super-premium rum will increase 50% by 2017 as many countries demonstrate the “right pre-conditions” for growth.

    Next time instead of sipping one of your top whiskey's, give some premium or ultra premium rums a try.  I feel that you will really be surprised how good they really are.  ;o)