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Monday, January 18, 2016

The GQ Guide to Smuggling Booze into Those Concerts

     When sneaking booze into a concert venue, you face two challenges. The first and most substantial challenge is security, of which there are many types. There are burly bouncers with beady eyes who assess your capacity for misbehavior as you present your ID outside the club. There are geezers at folk festivals who practically adopt you after they take your ticket. And then there are TSA-level teams in matching neon shirts giving out over-the-clothes cavity searches outside major events. Each requires a different level of stealth.

     Depending on where your self-respect is at right now, some of the following techniques can overcome both challenges. Others will only solve the first. None are strictly endorsed by GQ. We just want you to know what's out there.

     One of my favorites is my trusty "Bible" cut out for a hip flask.  This is a great unassuming little unit that will get you about a half pint of your favorite libation into the event.   

     The umbrella with the hollow shaft filled with booze is another one.  Go to GQ on line and see the rest of the interesting ideas that people have come up with to bring your booze to the party.


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